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How to Wear Your New Pillbox Hat

The White Purls Pillbox Hat is meant to sit on top of your head.  It is not made to fit snuggly around your head like a cloche hat or a fedora hat.  As a result, the pillbox hat comes in 2 sizes; The standard pillbox hat and the MINI.

Your pillbox hat will stay in place using the millinery elastic that you will tuck under your hair at the nape (not under your chin).  Additionally, a millinery comb is added for extra support.

You can wear your pillbox hat many different ways:

  1. You can angle your hat towards the front, down on your forehead.
  2. The hat can sit on top of your head and can be angled to the side, if desired.
  3. Wear the pillbox hat à la Jackie Kennedy, towards the back of your head.

It may depend on your face shape, your mood, or the outfit you are accessorizing.  Do not be afraid to experiment!  Embrace your individual style. Afterall, we are Queens and these are the Crowns we wear!

Which Style to Chose?

We are always available to answer any questions on style, color, material or any other queries you may have.  You are our utmost priority and we will respond to you within 24 hours or less.   Contact White Purls via the Contact Page or email .