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Introducing our New White Purls Darling: Brittany Reedus

Photoshoot White Purls Darling: Model Bio

Meet White Purls' new Darling, Brittany!  Last week we had the pleasure of working with her during our latest collaboration with vintage fashion retailer Ny Laurent.  Read her introductory interview below.


Introducing Brittany Reedus


1.     What is your favorite color?

-My favorite color is purple. 

2.     What is your favorite music artist?

-My favorite music artist is Logic

3.     What is your favorite movie and why?

-My all time favorite movie is ATL starring TI. I don't know why but I absolutely love that movie because it's relatable, entertaining and it gives you a lesson. 

4.     Who is your idol and why?

- My idols are both my mom and dad. They are so different and I look up to them for different reasons. 


Brittany on the Steps 

5.     Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?

- Marc Jacobs because he keeps it interesting and his funky stuff is really funky and I love it!

6.     How would you describe your personal style?

- My style is definately on the funky side. I love crazy patterns and colors. 

7.     If you had one item to save what would it be?

- One of my 80s windbreakers.  I absolutely love windbreakers! They keep me warm and they're so stylish. 


Brittany and Melanie Close-Up


8.     What are your aspiration goals?

-My goal is to be successful in the fashion business whether it be modeling, designing, styling or all of the above! 

9.     Where do you see yourself in five years?

- In five years I see myself breaking into the fashion world!

10.     What are you doing now, career wise or still in education?

- I am currently a caregiver, background actress and student. 

11.     How do you juggle your personal time with work load?

- It's simple, plan ahead. As long as I'm well planned out and can execute everything!


Pillbox Hat Melanie in Mustard Yellow, Top View


12.     Describe your personality in three words

- Funny, outgoing, and understanding, 

13.     How would your friends describe you in three words?

- Funny, quiet, fashionista 


Brittany and Melanie Full Shot


14.     What is your moto?

“The only way to do it, is to do it”

15.     What is the most valuable lesson you learned?

- Follow your heart and trust yourself

16.     What advice do you have for others?

- Live life as if it was your last day on earth



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